The Wall Street that is built on NFTs & SFTs

May 19, 2021 - 09:57
May 19, 2021 - 12:18
The Wall Street that is built on NFTs & SFTs
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Over the past year DeFi has been developing at a rapid pace, but its spread into the world of NFTs as a viable option for traders and finance has been slower. NFTs provide an ability to wrap tokens and value and provide a viable container that can prove very useful.

However the merging of its visual abilities plus these DeFi centric skill sets have been limited. Even less can be found utilizing the multi power of Semi Fungible Tokens which can be both unique art and fungible value, until now. 

Getting to grips with DeFi can be complicated for anybody who hasn’t mastered the technical and financial aspects related to the blockchain. Even casual investors with over 6 months experience can still find some aspects confusing.

But some experienced traders have learned how to leverage these aspects and are always looking for new tools to put together the most effective trading strategies and profit making. Perhaps the most successful use cases of NFTs in DeFi will reveal themselves from this hybrid community?

This is what The Wolves of Wall Street is betting on by focusing more specifically on Semi-Fungible Tokens which provide the ability to add a fun visual characterisation to ease entry level investors into the DeFi space as well as the innovation to attract hardcore DeFi traders and investors.

C-Folios and Semi Fungible Tokens

The use of SFTs within the WOWS ecosystem is centred around their CryptoFolios or C-Folios™ and are visualised as Liquidity Pool Trader Wolves or the Stablecoin Business Bois (aka dogs).

The LP Wolf traders are eager for a quick profit and only want one thing: to make money, whatever the cost, but they are also the main token holders and support the growth of the token.

The second group, the Business Bois (dogs), consists of stablecoin farmers. They create the Total Value Locked of invested stablecoin, a key metric in DeFi, and are long term players, but are also accused by token holders of not contributing enough to the tokens health, having only to invest in stablecoins with minimal token buy in.

In this way, WOWS visualizes the opposing pillars of AMM and lending with 2 factions cut from the same cloth Wolves and Bois and reveal their dynamics within DeFi for a wider audience.

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