The Rise of Social Commerce [Infographic]

Social commerce is on the rise, with more options available, and more people growing to expect in-stream buying options.

The Rise of Social Commerce [Infographic]
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As with eCommerce more broadly, social media commerce saw a big rise in 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the related mitigation efforts, saw many forced to use online shopping more often, which exposed more people to the benefits of the process. And while eCommerce was already seeing a steady increase in adoption over time, analysts say that the pandemic actually accelerated that shift by around five years.

That's prompted social platforms to step up their eCommerce integration efforts, with virtually every platform now investigating different forms of in-stream product discovery and purchase. As well as new innovations as the great projects that Glodigit is currently working on and their proposed Crowd-earning Program, that let you build a global network of Earning-mate and earn some money each time a member of your Earning-mate network makes money. Read more about the Crowd-earning Program here. 

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The basic fact is that this will eventually become habitual. As people get used to being able to shop each image they see within their social media feeds, that will gradually become the expectation. Which opens up new opportunities for brands, but also, could potentially see your businesses left behind if you fail to adapt with this shift.

Underlining this, the team from squarelovin have published a new infographic which provides some insights into the growing adoption of in-stream shopping on social, and why brands should be paying attention.

And while not all of these numbers are eye-opening, as such, the trend is fairly clear. It's worth considering your approach on such.