Some Sorare tips and tricks for the arrival of Euro 2021

Some Sorare tips and tricks for the arrival of Euro 2021
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During the start of April, Sorare announced the arrival of Euro 2021 but that’s not all, the European U21 Championship, the Copa America, the UEFA World Cup Qualifiers, CONCACAF, South America, CAF and AFC will also be available in the game.
And to accompany these international leagues, three more leagues will be added: AFC Champions League, Copa Libertadores and CONCACAF Champions League.

Sorare did not miss the opportunity to offer new content to players. This will be no ordinary event, since it may boost the prices of the players that began to fall down in the ranking during the end of the European Championships.

In this article we will focus mainly on the Euro 2021, with some useful information to prepare you for the matches ahead!

Pool, Country Subsidiaries and Championships

To participate in the Euro 2021 firstly you have to define your profile in Sorare. Are you here to buy and sell or to perform in the games week? Whatever your purpose, the analysis provided will ultimately be the same, but your final purchases will not.

To invest in a player, you should always target small Countries that are likely to finish in the final of their pool, and even more so, its good to bet on an underrated Euro 2021 player who has had a great season with his team. Underrated in terms of his nationality, age and native club, because this Euro 2021 could reveal some golden nuggets.

Keep in mind that the most expensive position is the goalkeeper, so try to look for a player in this position first when prices are still at their lowest.