Facebook Provides Tips on How Brands Can Help Address Anti-Asian Sentiment

Facebook has provided some new tips and notes on how brands can ensure that they're doing their part to counter anti-Asian sentiment.

Facebook Provides Tips on How Brands Can Help Address Anti-Asian Sentiment
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Amid a troubling rise in attacks against Asian communities and people, Facebook last week hosted a panel session, in conjunction with the Asian-American Advertising Federation, which aimed to raise awareness of the issue among brands and advertisers, and provide notes on how businesses can counter anti-Asian rhetoric.

You can view the full video of the session here, but stemming from the discussion, which included representatives from the Hispanic Marketing Council, IW Group and Facebook itself, The Social Network has published seven key tips for brands looking to do more to support Asian communities.

1. "Tell your story"

By sharing stories from Asian communities, you can increase understanding, and provide perspective from Asian American people.

2. Go further than a solidarity statement

More than simply voicing support, brands should look to translate those commitments into real, meaningful action.

3. Hold other brands accountable

Panel participants advised that advertisers should look support minority-owned media - and to hold other brands accountable, via social media, for the same.

4. Consider where your brand money goes

Advertisers should also consider where they're investing their ad dollars, and the impacts of that spend, from an ethical perspective.

5. Do more to connect with subject matter experts

Brands can ensure that they get a better understanding of the key issues, and how they can support such, by meeting with relevant experts in the field, and leaders who are dealing with these issues.

6. Ensure diverse representation in leadership positions

A key push, in all aspects, is to look to maximize diversity in leadership. This applies to women, people of color - all elements of societal diversity. Not all brands are in a position to action this, but for those that are, representation can be an important step.